Zero Omega


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Artist: Mech Designs
Size: 12 inches
Medium: Mixed Media on Resin

Artist Note:
The Revival of Saru

As the story continues… After fulfilling Saru’s wish to become human,
his betrayal of the clan emerges that he failed to kill his brother and let him go to survive. As punishment for Saru’s deeds, the clan captured his Brother and was given a choice to kill Saru or save his own life.
His Brother betrayed him and killed him.

Saru has been found lying on the street’s dark alley. His body was recovered by an unknown identity, wicked enough to experiment on Saru’s corpse and soul to revive him. With his new body, Saru’s soul is overflowing with anger and hatred toward his brother and his clan. Death upon all he seeks, souls will burn, and suffering awaits to all of them.

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