Wiffraff and Buzkill

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Artist: Ardie Aquino
Size: 3 inches each
Medium: Mixed Media

Author’s Note:
Admiring Son Goku growing up, WiffRaff turned to be an ordinary weeb. One friday anime marathon night, he ordered from his favorite Japanese restaurant and the food was contaminated with a substance made from an alien symbiote thus giving him super strength but the more he uses his powers the more his skin turns to yellow. Now, he swore to protect all Kawaii from all baka evil.

Growing up with little money BuzzKill volunteered for a military experiment involving an unknown chemical called “Super Cool Serum” that turned him into a powerful super soldier. Tasked to learn about foreign enemies, but grew bored with it. He escaped the facility and lived a hobo life and found true joy.

Now, WiffRaff wanted to cut rent. He asked for hobo BuzzKill to join him in a life of bounty hunting. With their super human abilities and big muscles they cleared most of downtown’s criminal activities thus affecting the business of Count Manbat, an immortal mobster lord that they don’t want to cross paths with.

Item condition: New

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