The Greatest Swordsman Saru Musashi


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Artist: Ukit-Man
Size: 7 inches
Medium: Mixed Media on Resin

Artist Note:
Saru musashi is an invinsible swordsman who went into battle alone at the age of 15 (around the year 2010), Saru Musashi killed his first opponent, a samurai from a neighboring village. Though Musashi was armed only with a wooden practice sword, he killed the other guy inside a minute, throwing him to the ground and hitting the samurai in the throat so hard that he died vomiting blood. Shortly after, saru Musashi began to travel the country in the hopes of perfecting his technique and becoming Japan’s greatest swordsman.

Before the age of 25, he’d distinguished himself by fighting ferociously in several battles and walking out unharmed each time. He’d also begun his tradition of wandering the country and seeking out (then murdering) anyone who was regarded as a master of the sword. He even single-handedly destroyed a famous clan of swordsmen,
Saru musashi love to cut heads as his souvenir.

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