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Disclaimer: Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings. 

Artist: Nostra
Size: 7 inches
Medium: Acrylic on Resin

Author’s Note:

Operation Sarumori, or Saru-Yamori meaning Saru-Gecko, is a black bag experiment conducted to harness the fledgling biotic fusion technology pioneered by the evil Shogun Nostra. For years, the original Saru genetic code was coveted by the insurgent leader as part of his plan to create his own paramilitary force of Saru clones infused by the regenerative and adaptive properties of one of his most adored and admired pets, the Leopard Gecko. After successfully stealing the Saru template, the Shogun was able to create nimble Human-Gecko hybrids with innate night-vision and rapid regeneration. His biotic fusion tech allows them to reverse-engineer any specimen in such a way that it bypasses the source ability’s limitations, localized regeneration in geckos for example, therefore being able to grow not only their tails back but also severed limbs, and even the head, at a rapid pace. With a capacity for total infiltration, Shogun Nostra wastes no time to subvert his enemies with a handful of his cunning, shifty, almost-immortal paramilitary ninjas.

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