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Artist: Xpace
Size: 7 inchesMedium: Mixed Media on Resin

Author’s Note:
In an alternate universe, Xaru is an ordinary monkey who was captured and was used as a test subject for an experiment by an evil scientist. Then one day, Master Fang, a ninja assassin, saw the monkeys that were locked up in a cage. He decided to set them free and later they become his disciples. Once Xaru learned how to fight, he searched for the laboratory where they were kept locked in because he wanted revenge for what they did to them. He attacked as soon as he infiltrated the facility. During the fight, he suffered major injuries which caused him to take his last breath. As his vision was going blurry, he saw his master’s face. Master Fang was determined to use a secret technique to revive him in exchange for his own life. As Xaru was reborn, in honor of his master’s last wish – to not seek revenge, he decided to go on a journey. During his travels, he acquired some powerful items such as the indestructible armor, cloud surfing shoes, magical mask, and the expandable staff. He uses these items to help him fulfill his mission to maintain the balance and order of life.

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