Raku The Beast, And The Megalo Launcher


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Artist: Carlo Mauricio
Size/height/dimensions: Height 4inches/ width 6 inches
Medium: Clay(Sculpey)

As the Evil Monster Gerongga is trying to rule the World of Axelora, the World where all the Axie lives. The War begins. And 1 king of the seven kingdom send his 3 mighty Soldiers to find all the Ancient weapons they need to defeat the evil Villain. And one of those mighty Soldiers is Raku or Also known as “The Beast”, all those 3 soldiers are destined to fight the evil villain, and also they are destined to have their respected ancient weapons, and for raku its the “Megalo launcher”. Its the weapon that made to be used by those who have brave heart and raku is the one who’s destined to use it, as they destined to protect the World of Axelora to all the Evil Villains.


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