Pugita Hunters (Set)


Artist: Obscure Prototype Lab
Size: 8″
Medium: Mixed Media on Resin

Artist Note:

“Krieger and Remora are the duo known as “”Pugita Hunters””

Krieger is an old sub that sunk and stayed at the bottom of the sea along with some old mechanical robot parts and waste, that were dumped into the ocean throughout the decades. Deep sea creatures also dwelled on Krieger and somehow everything fused on it’s machinery.. converting him into a sub mech.

Remora is a girl who has dreams of becoming a submariner…but restrictions on girls being part of a sub crew denied her of this dream. She instead diverted her passion towards deep sea exploration on her own. She found ways using old technology to explore the deep.

Krieger and Remora managed to help each other in one encounter with the collosal mech Kraken…and that was how they met. They were able to inflict damage to the mech Kraken, henceforth decapitating and retrieving some of it’s parts to add and upgrade their current arsenal.
Though the mech Kraken appears to be an undefeatable nemesis, the two Pugita Hunters have since become a team in pursuit of the mech Kraken’s downfall. Now they have a suspicion that the mech Kraken has the ability to replicate..and it has already produced several Kraken hatchlings…they have to capture them post haste before they multiply, grow, and create more havoc. “

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