Plush you!


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Artist: Erlan H2O
Size: 9”
Medium:  Soft plush fabric ,hypo-allergenic fiber fillings.

Artist Note:
As a kid ,I was fascinated by the awesomeness of this gigantic, bright lighted and happy-tune packed thing on the mall,the most sought after arcade CLAW MACHINE ,where you can test your luck and skills to GRASP on a piece or if luck favors you a bunch of these whimsical ,cute and fluffy creatures A.K.A. PLUSHIES. Now as a plush toy designer,we at Erian’s , believe that this SOFTCORE CREATURE we’ve made can give a HARDCORE IMPACT and statement to promote change.


#TUMINDIG PLUSH YOU!!! is our part in RAISING A HAND to take a stand ,with one vision and goal inspired by the

creative mind and art of Tarandadong Kalbo .

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