Big Bad


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Title: Big Bad
Size: 6 inches

Medium: Acyrlic on Resin

Is the Big Bad Wolf really bad? or could it have been that he was judged based on his appearance because he is a wolf? Are the tales and stories true? Or are they just exaggerated versions of the judgmental and prejudiced people?
Why are people so quick to condemn someone they never met, but are so reluctant to admit their own mistakes? Perhaps people should open their hearts and minds, because no one is born a villain.

Big Bad is based on two characters, the Big Bad Wolf and the Bad Boy look of James Dean (hence the squinty eyes, hair and outfit).
The name Big Bad is a play on both the Big Bad Wolf from fairy tales and nursery rhymes, and is also a term to describe a major recurring adversary, usually the chief villain or antagonist.

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