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As for those who know me well, I have a thing for Halloween, mainly with skeletons and the morbid concept of the holiday. This, explains my inspiration for this exhibit. The Return of The Living Dead was the first horror-comedy film I’ve seen with my siblings and we loved it so much that we watch it every single day, remembered the script and the soundtracks that gave the film life. Tarman was the first brain-eating zombie I know and I love him ‘cus he is a fucking smart zombie (when zombies are normally slow and stupid and eat flesh ugh no, I like zombies that eat brains). And I wouldn’t refer to the film as a comedy cus the part where Frank incinerated himself after he turned into a zombie pretty much scarred me for life. Seeing the Madbox toy model in its nakedness, I remembered the scene where these kids in the movie, were hanging out in the cemetery like any normal 80s angsty teenagers would do (lol clearly they’re gonna get themselves fucked as the movie plays along) and one kid was holding a boombox, playing wicked tunes and that’s it, I got totally hooked on the idea that I’d present my love for the film with this opportunity. My playlist consists of my top 5 picks from the film mainly because they were played during my favorite parts of the film.

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