Umagang Kay Ganda

Art Toys and Designer Vinyl Enthusiasts Philippines

Toycon 2019

Toy Con PH, SMX Convention Center, Manila

Dokee Show

The Dokee Show on Earth
Custom Show and Auction

D’Pandemic Effect

VanillaPod Creations in partnership with Art Toys PH and various artists.
A Beneficiary Custom Art Show for our modern day plague fighters.

#CountDCares #CountDContraCoronaV

The Lost Legion

#thelostlegion #trooperboycustomshow

Hidden Wicky

#thehiddenwickey #wickeycustomshow

Barnacle Shellbi

#arttoysph #shellbicustomshow #theclaygough


A Pockets Fulla Pillz Series

Kalsada Toy Festival



Unbox Greenhills Annapolis Street Cor, 1502 Missouri St, San Juan, Metro Manila, San Juan, Manila

Missing the nightlife? Us too!Before the pandemic changed life as we knew it, a typical Friday night in Manila would see a group of young creatives in a packed bar - A beer in one hand and phones snapping videos in the other. Everyone was sweaty and probably tired from a long day and traffic …

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Release the Kraken!

"Deep within the ocean lies the greatest mystery" According to Norse mythology, the Kraken is a legendary sea monster of gigantic size, with the appearance of a cephalopod, dwelling off the coasts and terrorizing nearby sailors. Many suffered and drowned because of the strong waves caused by the sea as there were continuous wars beneath …

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