Artist Spotlight


MacBarokie is a UST Architecture undergrad. His artist name is a combination of his nickname Mackie and Barok, the name his relatives called him, and the name of a character played by Chiquito. Three years ago, he discovered his passion for Art Toys and created his artwork entitled "Oso, The Grizzly Panda.
His approach usually is to try to look at things from a different perspective. It's either through just a position, a homage, reinterpretation, or even through irony.
He also has a soft spot for rejects and underdogs. That is why he tried to inject these personalities into the characters he created. But at the very least, he'd love his creations to have a story or even emotions that people can tap into and relate to.
Growing up he was great at drawing, but he never considered the possibility of becoming an artist. It was his mom that pushes him to become an architect. When he was working in a call center he always find himself involved in bay decorations. He also interacted with an officemate who also had similar pop culture and artistic interests which helped nurture his artistic ability and interest and later gave him the confidence to take the plunge and try being an artist. "I've only had less than 3 years of exposure to the world of art toys so I'm still learning. Also, I'm still evolving as a toy designer. A lot of the prototypes I've created are made of Super Sculpey, epoxy or resin. A lot of my custom pieces have a bit of steampunk aesthetics in them as I like how the "dirty" feel adds life to a piece. I like layered color washes as well as it adds texture. These small details add a bit of realism to the otherwise artificial feel of art toys." -MacBarokie

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